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Rewrite #4

I always imagine the song Mambo #5 when I think about Rewrite #4.

I’ve been contemplating on embarking on my 4th rewrite of Jess Sayin’. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback form Beta Readers, some very helpful and encouraging feedback. Also, I’ve gotten comments from a few people that my main character is too weak, that she doesn’t have enough personality, that she’s too much of a victim in life. That has been hard to take. I thought I was writing a fully-developed, good character but these comments have come up too many times to ignore. So, changes need to be made.

Then there’s the fact that, to some extent, my main character is patterned after myself. Does that mean that I’m a victim? Or weak? It makes me wonder.

I’ve been reluctant to get started on my rewrite. I don’t know how or where to begin. I’ve been procrastinating by thinking about it, a lot. I’ve been reading and rereading all my beta readers comments, I’ve been taking classes online. I’ve reviewed my Master Classes from writers like James Patterson, Dan Brown, and Neil Gaiman. Probably, it wasn’t necessary to do all that. With regard to rewrites, they all say to print it out and get away from your desk and read it with fresh eyes. Get a red pen (maybe they didn’t say red) and make notes about what’s not working. Then fix it.

Well, I’ve dilly dallied long enough. It’s time to dive in.

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