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Jess Sayin' -

A Grace Texas Murder Mystery

When you get fired from your job, maybe don’t write an angry blog about it.

On New Year’s morning, Jess wakes to find the police banging on her front door. Before she knows what’s happening, they haul her down to the station. Her former boss has been killed. The woman’s body was found by the church wall with her skull crushed. Now Jess is the number one suspect.

If only Jess hadn’t written that tell-all blog, airing her grievances. That was a bad idea.

Now Jess has to find the real killer to clear her name and uncover what's really going on at the church. Can she draw on her skills as a former investigative reporter to crack the case before the killer cracks her in the head?

Chase Scene Ebook.jpg

Chace Scene - 

A Grace Texas Murder Mystery

The sleepy little town of Grace Texas is getting ready for a Valentine’s Day wedding! What could possibly go wrong?

Freelance reporter Jessica Hart has landed a plum assignment working on a magazine cover story with celebrity lifestyle maven, Donna Vance, the Queen of Texas Chic.

Jess is assigned to cover the wedding of former Miss Texas Chace Perez. The trouble is, Chace is marrying Jess’s ex-husband Jack. Can Jess put aside her feelings for the sake of the article?

As part of Donna’s entourage Jess is caught up in the whirlwind of pre-wedding events, until she discovers a body, the body of Donna Vance. Now it’s up to Jess to finish the article, dodge the rising media circus, and sift through the myriad of secrets and lies surrounding the victim. 

Can she deal with her feisty Aunt Patsy, her annoying co-worker Shaun, and the unnervingly good-looking Detective Chris Connor and still keep the wedding on track before the killer strikes again?

Babbling Brooke.jpg

Babbling Brooke - 

A Grace Texas Murder Mystery

Country music legend, Cotton Knox, comes to Grace Texas for a concert! He never should have left Austin.

Small-town reporter, Jessica Hart, is excited to interview country music legend, Cotton Knox. Cotton has a bad reputation with women. He even tries to steal a kiss from Jess.


After his gig at the local dance hall, gunshots are heard, and Cotton is found shot dead in his dressing room!

Grace Texas is in an uproar. Suspects abound. Could it be Cotton's ex-wife, his new girlfriend, or maybe a crazed fan?
It seems everyone has a secret from the past, including good-looking Detective Chris Connor. Even Brooke, the town gossip, has a story she’s not telling.

Can Jess and her feline friend Sweet Tea get to the bottom of this case before the killer strikes again?

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Book no.3
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