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Come See Me in Rockport

I am thrilled to be doing my very first book-signing event at The Splendid Sun Books & Gifts in Rockport. If you happen to be in the area, come see me! I'll be there from 2-4pm!

Before I became an author, I was a bookseller. I worked at a large, big-box, bookstore as the Community Events Manager. That was a fun job. I used to schedule and put together book-signing events for authors all the time. I had some very exciting authors at my store, including the late great Nellie Connally, but that's a story for another time. I also helped my colleagues at events put on by other stores in our district including exciting authors and celebrities. One of the first author events I worked was with Anne Rice (a favorite of my Mom's). The event was amazing and there were so many people. I was also very pleased to work an event for Stephenie Meyer of Twilight Fame. All vampires aside, most of the events I put on were with local, unknown authors. They didn't bring in the same crowds as the famous authors but they were still fun.

Obviously, I don't expect to have a huge crowd at my event. I've invited all of my friends in the area and I'll be so happy if anybody shows up. If you happen to be anywhere near Aransas Bay on Saturday, please stop by.

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