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Jess Sayin' Blurb

Jess Sayin’ is the first book in the Grace, Texas Mystery series. It follows the adventures of Jessica Hart, 25-year-old divorcee. She once worked as a features writer for the big newspaper in Houston. After being laid off, she moved back to her small hometown, Grace, Texas.

She lives in a garage apartment and works two jobs. She’s a receptionist at the First Church of Grace and on Saturdays she covers the morning shift at Nesbitt’s Antique Emporium for her land-lady Ms. Melody.

Here is a short blurb:

When former journalist Jessica Hart returned home to the idyllic small town of Grace, Texas, she never expected to become a suspect in a murder investigation.

Jessica Hart’s life has taken a detour. Her journalism career in Houston came to a halt when she got laid off and her marriage failed soon after. A return to her hometown seemed to be just the thing to get her back on her feet. But, taking a job as a church receptionist was her only option. She began a lifestyle blog, Jess Sayin’ and settled in to small town life.

One year later, Jess was miserable at her job. That is until she got fired by the micromanaging church administrator, Sandra Dorian. Full of righteous indignation, Jess unleashed her fury in her blog. The next morning, the backlash against Jess was brutal. It seemed the whole town was against her.

On New Year’s Day, Sandra’s body was found outside by the church wall with her skull crushed. Jess is the number one suspect. Now she has to find the real killer to clear her name and find out what’s really going on.

Along the way she will tangle with her lawyer ex-husband, her feisty great aunt, and a former Miss Texas. The ever growing list of suspects includes a suspicious groundskeeper, a quirky accountant, and Sandra’s husband with a secret he wants to keep hidden.

Before too long, there’s another body found at the church. Can Jess crack the case before the killer cracks her in the head?

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