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Jess Sayin' Blog Post - Wedding Movie Marathon

May 13, 2020

Weddings are full of pomp and pageantry, romance, stress, family drama, and there’s cake! So, bonus.

Weddings are also the perfect setting for a good old fashioned Rom Com so here is my Top 7 Wedding Movie Binge List:

1. Four Weddings and a Funeral – By far, the best wedding movie ever. Back in the day, Hugh Grant was a hottie! This movie has everything, wardrobe malfunctions, embarrassing speeches, awkward flirting… just everything you could want. This movie even transcends Andie McDowell’s famously bad acting. Put on your best turquoise underpants and enjoy.

2. My Best Friend’s Wedding – Julia Roberts knocks it out of the park as she tries every dirty trick in the book to break up the happy couple. Also, back in the day, Dermot Mulroney was a hottie!

3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Very good family comedy. Best line from Maria, mother of the bride: The man is the head, (of the household) but the woman is the neck and she can turn the head any way she wants.

4. Bridesmaids – A lot of folks can’t get past the scene with all the vomiting. Get over it. The movie is very funny, and full of the kind of inappropriate humor that male characters get away with on a regular basis. Best line from Megan, played by Melissa McCarthy: I took nine. I did slightly over commit to the whole dog thing. Turns out I’m probably more comfortable with six.

5. Father of the Bride – Welcome back to the 90s! This movie is so cute and sentimental. The sweet father/daughter relationship gets me every time.

6. 27 Dresses – a fun romance with unrequited love, sisters at odds, and that thing where the wrong guy turns out to be the right guy. Also, a publicly humiliating revenge melt-down. And, once again, back in the day, James Marsden was a cutie.

7. Bride Wars – pranks, hijinks, and another publicly humiliating revenge melt-down. Also best friends at odds and that thing where the right guy turns out to be the wrong guy. That wrong guy is Chris Pratt looking oddly un-hot. (Note – anytime a male character says, “people will think I’ve lost control of you, already,” you know he’s the wrong guy.)

Honorable Mention – It’s not a wedding movie but About Time has one of the best movie weddings I’ve ever seen. There’s a huge storm with heavy winds and pouring rain which absolutely destroys the outside reception, blowing the tent over and pouring cold water on the guests. They laugh it off and make the best of it. It’s perfectly imperfect.

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