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Jess Sayin' Blog Post - Cinema Therapy/Work Related

Is work stressing you out? Dealing with your evil boss got you down? Well, join the club. I mean, let’s be honest, work sucks and bosses are the worst! But at least we have some quality entertainment to turn to for detoxing after a hard day.

Step 1. Take a long hot bubble bath.

Step 2. Prepare your drink of choice, be it wine, beer or a chocolate shake. For me, margaritas are a must.

Step 3. Camp out on the couch and binge on some classic work-related comedies. Indulge in hours of revenge fantasies you can stream or go old-school with a DVD or blue ray. It’s a therapeutic way to stick it to the man, or woman as the case may be.

TV Series Binge List

· The Office Steve Carell as Michael Scott takes cringe-worthy to the highest level. Even so, he’s not the worst boss I’ve ever seen. I would like to be on the Party Planning Committee at this office.

· Better Off Ted – Oppressive bosses, crazy co-workers, and an outrageous corporation that chooses your cubicle decorations for you. I want to be part of the Fight Club, and I’m definitely a cat person.

· Parks and Rec – Leslie Knope and her unique band of quirky colleagues work to make Pawnee a better place while dealing with the unreasonable demands of the townspeople. I wish I could put together binders as well as Leslie.

· Scrubs – Dr. Cox can be a mean boss but he’s so clever I don’t mind. I love the fast pace, the snappy dialogue, and the friendship with J.D. and Turk. Watch this and you’ll start your own humorous inner monologue, just like J.D.

Movie Binge List

· Office Space – Revenge fantasy: Being a “Gangsta” by knocking down the cubicle wall, stealing from the company, burning down the office and just generally not giving a crap. Best scene – the brutal murder of a fax/copier.

· The Devil Wears Prada – Revenge fantasy: Beating them at their own game while looking great in some amazing clothes. Meryl Streep as the evil boss is unreasonable, backstabbing and self-centered. Hmm, now, who does that remind me of?

· Joe Verses the Volcano – Revenge fantasy: Telling off your boss and storming out, going on an adventure, jumping into a volcano (okay, that’s a little extreme). Best scene – The red-headed Meg Ryan (she plays three parts) reading her poem.

· Working Girl – Revenge Fantasy: Looking hotter than your boss, stealing her client and her boyfriend! Check out the ridiculous styles from the 1980s. Best line: I’ve got a head for business and a bod for sin.

· Horrible Bosses – Revenge fantasy: Murdering the boss! Three average joes decide to kill their horrible bosses and things get crazy. Best scene – Jason Bateman and Charlie Day attempting to vacuum up cocaine with a dust buster and put it back in its box.

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