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It's Christmas, please hold

December 11, 2018

I love Christmas. I love decorating the house, putting up the tree and my Christmas Village. I love Christmas music, and decorated businesses and my decorated office at work. I love the Christmas Eve service at church, the choir programs where my kiddoes sing, and the choir program where my Daddy sings. I even love the cheesy Holiday romance movies on the Hallmark channel or Netflix.

I don’t necessarily love shopping for gifts but I don’t hate it either. I always spend too much and frequently feel like I didn’t get the right thing. Some people are great at finding the perfect gift for everyone on their list. Not me.

One thing that happens for the entire month of December, and this isn’t really a complaint, just an observation, is that everything else in my life gets put on hold.

My diet definitely. I applaud those who can say no to Christmas cookies and chocolate candies in their stockings. I am not strong enough to resist. (Don’t judge) I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

Any organizing projects or plans to rearrange things are also put on hold. Books are swept off of shelves and boxed up to make way for decorations. My village is more of a bustling metropolis now. It gets bigger every year. Furniture is moved around to make more space for guests. Clutter is relegated to the bedroom where I will trip over it until January.

And then there’s my writing. All my discipline, my 2 hours a day of working on my second book, my search for an agent, my critique group even. All of it is on hold. It’s sad. I miss it like an old friend who has gone away for the holidays.

But, I do love Christmas. And perhaps something crazy will happen that will give me more material for my books.


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