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Grace, Texas

Grace Texas is the fictional setting of the novel Jess Sayin’. Grace is the county seat of Bonner County.

Grace is a small, east Texas town about two hours away from Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. It has all the down-home charm of your favorite small town. There’s a thriving town square around the courthouse with shops, cafe’s, and fun points of interest.

The courthouse lawn features The World’s Largest Hanging Flower Basket. This is the pride of the Grace Garden Club. The basket is updated with seasonal flowers regularly and hangs from a special pergola, built for that purpose. It is surrounded by benches and is a lovely place to sit and reflect. It is also a great spot for a family photo.

Some notable businesses around the square are:

The Pie Hole – This small cafe’ offers up the most delicious pies you will ever taste. Every imaginable flavor combination is on the menu. The Chocolate Chip Brownie Pie is a local favorite as well as the Buttermilk Pecan Mash Up. The Pie Hole is also the best place in town to get a cup of tea, a latte’, or just plain coffee.

Nesbitt’s Antique Emporium – Browse for antiques, collectibles, and unique gift items in this 4000 square foot shoppers paradise. Formerly Nesbitt’s General Store, the business has been family owned and operated since 1901. The current proprietor, Ms. Melody Nesbitt, is usually on hand to help you locate the perfect gift or a long sought-after treasure.

The Grace Gazette – The Gazette is one of Texas’ longest running newspapers. It now comes out weekly with stories of local interest as well as hard-hitting news. Stop by the offices to see the original 1920s Linotype machine on display in the front lobby. The Linotype machine has since been replaced by computerized printing methods.

Casa Maria Mexican Restaurant – Located on the North East corner of the town square, Casa Maria is housed in the former Bonner County Jail House where Jesse James is rumored to have spent a night in the lock-up. Feast on some mighty fine Tex-Mex delights while you enjoy a margarita or a cold cerveza. Locals are partial to the cheese enchiladas, crunchy beef tacos, or the Pollo Poblano.

The Grace Grill – Next door to the Antique Emporium, the Grill features indoor and outdoor dining. Enjoy a quick sandwich or a chicken fried steak.

Happy Trails Travel Agency – Just across the street from Casa Maria, this travel agency is owned and operated by two gentleman from Jolly Old England. Hugh Dorian hails from Middlesex and his partner Colin Hewitt comes from Basingstoke. Book your next trip with Happy Trails. UPDATE – Happy Trails is currently closed for renovations

Corporation T-Shirt – You’ve heard of anything on a waffle? Well, this fun, quirky gift shop boasts that they will put anything on a T-Shirt, including a waffle if that’s what you want. Choose from a selection of T-shirts with humorous sayings, cartoons, memes and logos or custom design your own T-shirt with the help of talented lithograph artists. The possibilities are endless. All sizes available. Corporate and Team shirt orders welcome.

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