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Dear Sir or Madam

October 12, 2019

Sometimes I think writing a blurb, synopsis or query letter is harder than writing the book itself. There’s just so much pressure to make it absolutely perfect.

Here’s a version of what I have so far. What do you think?

I am writing to submit my cozy mystery, Jess Sayin’ A Grace Texas Mystery, for your consideration. This is the first in a series of contemporary mysteries about a young woman in a small Texas town. It is over 89,000 words. My main character is a free-lance reporter/amateur sleuth living in her hometown of Grace, a charming place full of quirky characters. Jess works part time in the antique store on the town square, facing the courthouse.

Here is a short blurb:

Jessica Hart works as a church receptionist. That is, she did until her boss Doris fired her, the day before New Year’s Eve. After a night of feeling sorry for herself, Jess wrote a blog, unleashing her anger on Doris. The backlash against Jess the next morning was brutal. It seemed like the whole town was against her.

Then, on New Year’s Day, Jess was taken into custody by the local police. Doris had been found outside, near the back of the church, with her skull crushed. Now Jess has to find the real killer to clear her name and find out what’s really going on at the First Church of Grace.

Along the way she will tangle with her ex-husband (who she still has feelings for) and his new fiance, a former Miss Texas. She will encounter a suspicious groundskeeper, an oddball accountant, a few self righteous church members, and Doris’ husband with a secret he wants to keep hidden. Before too long, there’s another body found at the Church. Can Jess crack the case before the killer cracks her in the head?

I have worked as a free-lance writer for more than five years. I have written features for Katy Magazine, and twice been awarded their Superstar Award. I have also written articles for and worked for Donna Wick Public Relations, producing press releases and feature stories for clients. For my own free-lance clients I have written newspaper articles, press releases, proposals, newsletters, and advertising copy. I am a member of Sisters in Crime, in the Guppy Chapter. Jess Sayin’ is my first completed novel. I am currently seeking representation and have begun writing the second book in my Grace Texas Mystery series.

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